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Gonna give this 4 stars cause this was a well done remastering of the first episode. Would love to see the entire series remastered. Not 5 stars because i watched with the voices and the computer voices i can tell you changed so they weren't all the same but they were very cringey with pronunciation. I did enjoy this overall and the ending credits were still very good. I really hope you can get the voice actors back.

2.5 for the decent animation and the fact that i like 5 nights at freddys. But Jaxxy that music did not fits this well at all. Due to the music i could not make out the vocals at all which really disappointed me as i was wearing headphones. I could make out a word or 2 now and then but the music was just to loud and the vocals to low. I recommend trying different music next time or lowering the music volume

I give this 4.5 stars the animation and graphics and transitions were truly splendid. The vocals were different but were great as well and the lyrics were also very good. I gave 4.5 because i wasnt entirely sure what you were doing with this. If you were trying to make an a short animated version of the metroid story or doing your own story using metroid like a fan-fiction only in animation form. and to ANY one that reads this review go read the damn metroid manga.

Osuka responds:

brentalfloss composed the song and he was trying to make a different story of Samus. So is like a Fan-Fiction

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For a game that is still in development its pretty good and if any 1 is having problems with the first gym leader's pokemon all u need to win is 1 geodude with rockpolihsh and rock throw then 2 pokemon with stringshot and 2 pokemon with either tailwhip or leer max out geodudes speed to 6 and lower pidgeotto and pidgeot's speed and defense to 6 and the geodude will easily wreck both withoutn them so much as getting 1 attack off

I dont know if any 1 still plays this game but just a friendly warning when playing this DO NOT go play Mobile wepaon episode 1 the incomplete version of this because when you start a new game and do quick start it creates a new save and deltes the save on this completed version i had 3 characters lvl16 and best weapons/ armor possible before fighting the boss with 5k hp and i lost all that data :(

Um what the hell did i jsut play?

wow been so long i wnder how old my acc is now

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